Defend the Yarra River is a small, independent, not-for-profit community group who are tired of large, wealthy and greedy developers forcing through enormous, unsuitable developments on the banks of the Yarra River.

We are extremely tired of our elected politicians and officials taking no notice of the wishes of the communities they were elected to serve.

We are not affiliated with any other group or organisation, and take no responsibility for statements made by others. No materials distributed by others have been written or endorsed by this site, even when those materials reference our site.

We welcome input and information from anyone with local knowledge and expertise, and thank those who have already contributed to this website. If you wish to contribute to this site, please contact us. We will publish your name with your contribution, if you wish, or you may remain anonymous. We reserve the right to decline contributions which are not factual. Viewpoint/editorial pieces should be clearly stated as opinion only.

The Yarra River is a precious resource for Melbourne, and for the whole of Victoria. Why is it being ruined for the economic benefit of a few developers?  Why is there no regard paid to the rest of the population, and our right to enjoy a Yarra River that is unspoiled by enormous, unsuitable developments?

Why are these developments passed by councils and planning ministers, time after time, when they are only planned with the maximum profit in mind? We end up with poor designs that have a hugely deleterious effect on the river and recreational users.

The community should be able to trust our elected officials, politicians, and councillors to protect us from greedy, profit based, over development of areas of natural beauty and fast disappearing natural environment. We need to be able to rely on them to stand up to developers who wish to destroy our heritage, and the character and amenity of an area.

We should always remember that the public is under no obligation to accept the destruction or appropriation of public amenity, whether material or intangible, in order to support the private financial interests of billionaire developers. Simply because an amenity such as tranquillity, or a beautiful environment, is not quantifiable by the rules of economic development, does not mean we should let it go without standing up for our right to maintain it, and the rights of future citizens to enjoy it.

Large scale developers may come in and destroy an area for their short term profit, but current residents, and those who buy the results of these developments, will be left with the long-term results. What once made an area beautiful, special and of great benefit and pleasure to all, will be gone. So will the developers.


Thanks for visiting our site,

Carl, Dan, Anjanette, Deirdre, Sara K, Sarah R, Andy and Vijay.

You can contact us by using the form, or by emailing directly to defendtheyarrariver@gmail.com



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