This is what is being done to our Yarra River Corridor

Below is the view that all recreational users will see from the river, and from the proposed paths. It doesn’t look like there is very much room for the 3 switchback paths with safety rails, as well as the “extensive landscaping” promised by SALTA.

The source is  SALTA’s own paid report by Orbit (pp 43-44; Orbit outline, filled in with colour by contibutor). These drawings were used to show VCAT that the building at 647-649 would not visually impact the amenity of the river, because the buildings at 607-627 would substantially hide 647-649 from the western side.


Below is what we will all see from the Walmer Street Footbridge, again SALTA’s drawings filled in with colour by contributor.


Below are the buildings from both developments (from SJB Architects Design Response for The Park House, contributor’s outlines). It is possible to see the correct bulk of the buildings in relation to their surroundings in these drawings. Drawings of the proposed “Plaza” and paths have given the impression that Building 1 has a setback, due to the upper levels being shown in dashed lines. It is also possible to see the narrowness of Walmer Street, and the canyon effect created by the bulk of the buildings. The car tunnels are not shown in this drawing, and will take up over a third of Walmer Street.


(All drawings/photos publicly available)


This is what is happening to our river corridor. The amenity which was supposed to be available for all the people of Melbourne, present and future, is going to be irretrievably lost.



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