The Plaza that isn’t.

Now that we aren’t even pretending that Walmer Street will ever be a “Plaza”, and Council has resolved: 7). That Walmer Street is not described as a Plaza following redevelopment and should continue to be called Walmer Street to reflect its intended use as a thoroughfare,  doesn’t this mean that SALTA is already in breach of the agreement to provide a Plaza as part of the approval of “The Park House” development?

We note again that VCAT specifically excluded “Walmer Plaza” and carpark entry from their decision on Walmer House. The Tribunal stated that they “have no jurisdiction regarding issues affecting Walmer Plaza, and they do not form any part of the consideration of the proposal for 647-649.”

SALTA does not have approval for the carpark tunnels from VCAT. VCAT approved the development of Walmer House without access to the development’s proposed carpark.

The main reason for the tunnels is the access to Walmer House (647-649 Victoria Street). The tunnels are not required for access to The Park House (607-627 Victoria Street).

Minister Wynne could have required that SALTA maintain Walmer Street at level by requiring deeper tunnels. This would have been more difficult and expensive for the developer, but would have avoided the ridiculous situation which we now face, where Boroondara Council is preparing to reduce the dangerous slope of the footbridge approach on the Kew side, and SALTA will be increasing the slope of the footbridge approach on the Abbotsford side.

Why were these developments greenlighted with so little thought and care for the community? Do developer profits mean more than the future of the Main Yarra Trail and generations of Melbournians who will be using this crossing?


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