Walmer St ; Trenerry Cres

email from Mike  (the Mike in the interview) about the Walmer Street developments and approvals:

Would be helpful if you include a link to 3CR interview about the Park House approval condition, the broader pathology driving Government behaviour that allows these kind of developments to happen and the strong case for a different developmental model identified by Michael Buxton/RMIT.

email from Sean about Trenerry Crescent:
Could you please alert your readers to these developments along the river. I live nearby and having watched the debacle of the salta developments in Walmer St, I’m pretty worried that the same thing will happen here. The developments are
112-124 and 126-142 Trenerry Crescent (two sites under the one application)
18-62 Trenerry Crescent, Abbotsford.
Thanks heaps, Sean
ps I was one of the early signers of your petition and support all the environmental and amenity points you made. I still can’t believe these crappy developments were allowed.

Background to Sean’s email:
Special Meeting of Council Agenda  Sep 19, 2016
Relevant pages 26-36
Minutes of meeting here:
Special Council Meeting  Monday, 19 September 2016
Relevant Pages 8-9
As we saw with Walmer House, 647-649 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, the DD01 which is being invoked as a protection for the Yarra River Corridor is absolutely useless when developers go to VCAT. Every element of the DD01 was ignored or overturned by the VCAT panel. The Park House 607-627 Victoria Street, Abbotsford was not even subject to ANY conditions of the DD01 due to it’s special zoning.
We need proper controls for the Yarra River Corridor, not ones which can be overturned or ignored by VCAT in response to developer’s submissions.


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