Town Hall meeting – quick summary

Professor Michael Buxton spoke at the meeting, and articulated what many of us living in Yarra already know.

Professor Buxton has been a long term advocate for livability in planning:

“A metropolitan plan should begin with a city’s great assets and protect them.”
“The interests of big retailers, road builders and developers are not necessarily ours. That’s why we need government.”

“Heritage becomes incredibly important for liveability,”

“If you pull down a highly valued heritage city and turn it into a city full of tiny apartments nobody in the city actually wants, it won’t cater to people in the city.

“If you replace a high amenity heritage city with a low amenity city with high rise canyons then that will reduce the liveability of the city dramatically and alienate a large number of people.”   Professor Michael Buxton

Articles by Professor Buxton:

A number of Yarra resident groups as well as local councillors met at this meeting to discuss increasing concerns with inappropriate over-development of Yarra, and the consequent loss of amenity for all residents, including future residents.
A number of resolutions were presented to be submitted to the Council on 22nd November,
including :
Protection for historic shopping strips and streets
Interim height and setback controls in mixed-use zones
Affordable community housing and  public housing protection and increase
An increased open space contribution from developers which is in keeping with the size of developments
The appointment of a heritage officer and the banning of developer contributions to political parties and politicians

The resolutions formed will be presented to Council at the meeting on 22nd November.



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