New draft design standards

The Better Apartments project is a joint initiative of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and the Office of the Victorian Government Architect (OVGA).
Draft Design Standards
In August 2016, the Victorian Government released Better Apartments Draft Design Standards for public consultation. Consultation on the draft standards closed on 19 September 2016. The feedback received will help government finalise the standards later this year.

Vanessa Bird, president of the Victorian chapter, told ArchitectureAU that while some of the government’s initiatives add to liveability, the Institute believes draft standards “haven’t gone far enough.”
“Minimum metric standards are really about weeding out the worst of the worst,” she said. “It’s like all regulation, it’s about weeding out what’s at the bottom and you balance that with allowing some flexibility and innovation though a parallel process that allows design excellence. That’s always been our position.”

Apartment rules overhaul: still tiny but at least they’ll have windows by Aisha Dow

New rules for better apartments in Victoria by Nick Lenaghan

Of course, many developers think the apartment rules overhaul is a draconian imposition on developer rights.

Submissions to the BADDS are public. Salta’s submission to the DELWP:



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