Yarra City Council Meeting 22nd November 2016

The community is invited to the next Yarra City Council meeting to be held at Richmond Town Hall, 333 Bridge Road, Richmond, on Tuesday 22 November at 7pm.

The Agenda includes:

Item 11.9

DELWP Development Plan Application
No. DP1500043  Walmer Street/Bridge Design–Late Report (made available Monday 21st November pm).
You can read the full report/s (attachments 11.9 through to 11.9.4) here:
If you can attend, please do. It will be an excellent opportunity to meet our new Councillors, and to continue to make it clear that the community is fed up with Yarra being made a dumping ground for inappropriate developments.  A large section of our iconic river corridor has already been destroyed. Let’s stand up for what is left, and for the future of the Yarra River, our iconic linear park.
You can also view the Inner Melbourne Action Plan 2016-2026 (attachment 11.4.1) http://www.yarracity.vic.gov.au/your-council/meetings/2016-council-meetings/22-11-2016-attachmentsfor-meeting/
Let’s hope that those in charge of planning for the future are going to offer us something better than the inferior, developer and profit driven planning we’ve been offered in the past.

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