Town Hall Meeting 17th November

According to the Minister’s office, Yarra Council Officers have already sent their preferred option of the two options for “Walmer Plaza”provided by the developer.  As the public meeting voted unanimously that neither option was acceptable, and the elected Council has not voted on the matter, this seems premature.
We have a new Council, and a new Mayor. ( ) It seems that it might be time for our newly elected Council to take a broom to the planning department, and to shine a light on any practices and allegiances that do not favour best practice and accountability to the community.

Please attend the Town Hall Meeting (see below) on 17th November, and the Council Meeting on Tuesday 22nd November, 2016 at 7pm in the Richmond Town Hall.november-2016_town-hall-meeting


2 thoughts on “Town Hall Meeting 17th November

  1. I am sorry I have missed the meeting. I am on your side. The property developers have ruined ( yes they have instead if they are going to) our suburbs, our environment…and the local councils are week. I wonder how many politics are actually in for a mission rather than a good pay.


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