Correspondence re Walmer Plaza (August)

Letter from Council to Minister Richard Wynne ( 11/08/16) and letter from Minister Richard Wynne to Council (21/08/16) below.

Council expresses their serious concerns with Walmer Plaza, including ease of access, level changes and switchbacks, interactions with vehicle traffic, and the fact that the usage of Walmer Street has changed, and will only continue to increase.

Minister Wynne’s very brief letter seems to suggest that the only solution possible would be to alter the level of the bridge, at enormous cost and disruption, in order to mitigate the single issue of the steps/one ramp, and allow Salta to proceed with what seem to be virtually unchanged plans.

It is to be hoped that this is not, in fact, the only idea that is to be considered, as this does not appear to address any of the many issues that concern the community, such as the shared narrow paths, switchbacks, car tunnels and pedestrian and cyclist interaction with vehicles, the ugly and unwelcoming space unfit for competing users, the development height, bulk, impact on the environment, and cost, both economic and social, to the community.

Minister Wynne, the community is becoming extremely tired of our interests being considered a distant second to the interests of developers. Why are community views disregarded?





wynne letter plaza


One thought on “Correspondence re Walmer Plaza (August)

  1. Interestingly the developer ignored my repeated requests to attend the so called July 2016 consultation meetings – a clear indication of the disregard Salta continues to have for anyone other than their bottom line profit. Exceptionally disappointing and the response from Mr Wynne is benign and pointless. Well done again in our election of a pointless representative.

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