Age article 3/7/2016

An article has been published in The Age regarding the VCAT decision on 647-649.

The article is generally correct, with pertinent comments by the Yarra Riverkeeper, although it is certainly debatable whether the National Trust “hailed the decision”, and the land referred to in the article here:

“Salta was gifting 1630 square metres of riverfront land to the residents of the City of Yarra and providing land to extend the Yarra River bike track.”

is not part of 647-649. The land in question was land in lieu along the bank of 607-627, and was required as part of the development approval. It is steep, unable to be built upon, and is proposed to be used not for an extension of the bike track, but rather as only an inferior series of narrow switchback shared paths intended to make the removal of the current bike/disabled ramp possible. The land is proposed to be landscaped in a manner which primarily benefits the residents of the future development, and which the Council has criticised as an unreasonable privatisation of the bank which was supposedly to be for public use.



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