What 607-627 looks like

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2^^ The river runs in front of the length of the buildings.  This is what you will see on the right side of the bridge if you are crossing the Walmer Street Footbridge from Kew to Abbotsford. On the left side of the bridge will be the other Salta development at 647-649.

These buildings at 607-627 are 49metres high, including plant equipment. They are 10 and 11 levels above ground, plus extra plant equipment level, and three level basement. The first block is only 22metres from the water.

If you are a rower or kayaker, you will look up and see 49 metres of concrete and glass. If you are a walker or a cyclist, you will have no alternative other than to be right beside the buildings. Cyclists and disabled people must actually go underneath the building closest to “Walmer Plaza” in order to use the narrow ramp system to reach Victoria Street, or to access the switchbacks to the Capital City Trail. (see model further down page)1^^ This drawing shows how far the building encroaches on the bank and the Walmer Street Footbridge. The check-lined square shows the buildings recently built further down the river towards the city. We will see nothing but high rise buildings for the length of the river on the Abbotsford side.


^^Model of 607-627. Close-up of steps/detours under building, below.


**Also see earlier blog post from 2nd May on 607-627 for Minister’s response to the receipt of comments on Application DP1500043 (607-627).


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