Who pays?

What happens if the footbridge needs repairs after Walmer Street is lifted 2 metres, with the only access being stairs down to the footbridge level, or the narrow, switchback shared path?

What the council said:

In addition, access is also required to the footbridge for future maintenance purposes. Heavy plant and equipment would be required to access the bridge to undertake significant repairs and for the eventual replacement of the bridge at the end of its life. If the design of the development does not allow for access to the bridge by trucks, the applicant would need to replace the footbridge at their cost.

If there is no access for trucks/heavy machinery how will the footbridge be maintained/fixed? Helicopter? Barges? Pack mules? All expensive/impossible options.

But the developer, Salta, will have sold all financial interest in the developments, and therefore responsibility for the developments, and flown off to spread their *design excellence* over other suburbs.

So who will pay? Either the body corporates of the developments, (unlikely), or the ratepayers of  City of Yarra.

So we’re not only losing public land and assets, we’re going to have to pay a fortune to fix/maintain another public asset because a developer has cut off maintenance access to it.

***We’ve received an email pointing out that the stairs/narrow, circuitous path combination also makes it much more difficult for ambulance or emergency services workers to access anyone injured on the river path, or the Abbotsford end of the footbridge. 

We suppose that as it’s only unimportant members of the public who’ll be affected, no-one bothered to consider that. 





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