Don’t mention the drain…don’t mention the drain

Underground Council Stormwater Drain in Walmer Street

What the council said:

177. Walmer Street contains a 1.2 metre diameter underground drain which connects Victoria Street and the Yarra River. A site inspection indicates that the drain’s headwall (the drain’s outlet structure) is located just east of the footbridge. The application drawings show a vehicular connecting tunnel that would be constructed across and over the drain. Alarmingly, the drain has not been depicted on any of the drawings.

Dear Salta, it’s a pretty large drain, but you don’t seem to have spotted it. We found it for you. Here it is:


Below is an updated picture sent in by a reader of the drain with what appear to be polluted substances emptying into the river.

***Apologies to our contributor and thanks for the correction: this picture was some months earlier in 2016, so is not an update, but rather a backdate. The photographer attempted to report the pollution to City of Yarra, but could not negotiate the website on their phone, so is unsure if the report was received.




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