Salta bypasses Council

Salta has bypassed Council and lodged an application with VCAT for a Review in the Major Cases List.

This list is for developments with an estimated cost of $10 million or greater.

Developers have continuously benefited from this strategy, and SALTA probably hopes to bypass not only Council, but the new controls introduced.

“The house always wins, or in the case of Victoria’s planning tribunal – big housing developments nearly always win, new research indicates.

Councils have almost become redundant in the decision-making process for controversial residential developments in Melbourne’s suburbs, according to a RMIT University analysis of permit applications.

When councillors refused a permit, almost nine out of 10 permit applicants went to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and in 73 per cent of cases the council’s decision was set aside and the permit granted.

When councillors supported a development and residents appealed to the tribunal, the tribunal upheld the council’s approval in 85 per cent of cases, the report by RMIT planning researchers Joe Hurley and Brendan McRae showed.

Once councils and the state government set strategic planning rules for an area, the power of a council to influence contentious individual planning applications diminishes considerably, an extract of the draft report indicates.”

Jason Dowling, The Age


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